5 Things a Real Estate Agent Would Never Do to Their Home

    things a real estate agent would never do

    When decorating or remodeling their homes, Real Estate pros here in San Diego never scrimp on high style but always keep a future buyer in mind.  Here are five of my tried and true tips:

    The Not-so-magic Carpet

    You may not be keen on the upkeep or cleaning of hardwoods but resist the urge to cover up damaged or rough flooring. Hard flooring like polished concrete or wood are decidedly more desirable, even if the wood needs refinishing. Hard surfaces are extremely versatile and offer a myriad of options to warm them up such as re-staining or adding some dynamic rugs.

    The Loud Kitchen

    Brightly colored cabinetry can be phenomenal in very specific kitchens yet can kill a deal if not used wisely.  Keep in mind that the louder the choice of color, not all buyers will be able to relate or even like it.  Avoid any decor that is too specific such as bright red or blue cabinets or artsy countertops.  Instead, show off your style with fun kitchen accessories and wall art. A neutral palette also offers you the option to change it up from time to time merely by switching out a few accessories, artwork and rugs.

    Draped in Dust

    Unfortunately, it may be only you that loves the custom-made draperies hanging in your home. Curtains and drapery treatments can bring in colors that not every buyer will like and can also make a room feel smaller and darker.  If you feel you must place something, choose neutral blinds that will always provide a soft, elegant touch without diminishing light or take up wall space.

    Painted Paneling

    Dark wood paneling can be dated or make a room feel dark and small. However, if you’re planning on selling in the future, it might be wise to let the next homeowner make that call. I’ve seen older homes in Point Loma and Banker’s Hill with spectacular solid pine or oak paneling in pristine condition that helped sell these homes. Painting paneling is a change that cannot be reversed, so proceed cautiously when making that call.  If you simply cannot live with the paneling, consider refacing or completely replacing it with drywall and start fresh.

    Permanently Repurposing a Bedroom

     Killing off a bedroom for that man-cave, walk-in closet or extended living room can take away from your bottom line as each bedroom is a valuable space that can increase your home’s value significantly.  Many buyers have an idea of how many bedrooms they want or need, so by eliminating just one bedroom, you could easily be eliminating a valued asset – a buyer for your home.

    About Max Mervis

    Max Mervis is a local San Diego Realtor. He has been in the Real Estate business for over 25 years serving Sellers, Buyers as well as Renters and Landlords. Max has expertise in both the single-family home market, as well as luxury high rise condominium sales. If you are in the market to sell or buy a new home or investment property, feel free to contact Max at 619-980-8385 or send an email to MaxSellsSanDiego@gmail.com

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