The Benefits of Home Staging in San Diego


    From the new construction of the suburbs, to gorgeous views in the beach towns, the San Diego real estate market is no stranger to competition. So if you are wondering how you can make your home and all that it has to offer stand out to potential buyers, you are not alone. But before you spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on a full home renovation to sell your home, you may want to consider the benefits of www. Working with a professional staging team can help you better market your house to attract potential buyers and subsequently can highlight what your home has to offer. All of this will likely help you and your real agent market your home to potential buyers, potentially increasing the number of offers and selling price of your home.


    After living in a home for years you are sure to become familiar with how wonderful the flow between your kitchen and dining area is, or how ethereal the morning light is over coffee in your breakfast nook. Staging can help convey these benefits to potential buyers who will only spend a few minutes perusing your home online, or hearing about the benefits in person.

    In addition, appropriate staging can make rooms seem larger, lighter, or more spacious. For example, painting connecting rooms in the same color can make a space seem substantially larger. Working with a professional can ensure that you are making the right decisions to both highlight what you know is so great about your home, and downplay features of your home that may turn off the typical home buyer.


    We’ve all found ourselves in the grocery checkout line imagining what our life could be like if we lived in the modern, beach house featured on the cover of this month’s Dwell Magazine. We can practically feel ourselves falling into bed in the serene bedroom, and cooking Thanksgiving dinner in an uncluttered state of the art kitchen. Marketing and selling your home can also use this tactic. Although we know that most of our homes are more dirty laundry, kid’s toys and to-do lists than glitz and glamour, that’s a harder lifestyle to sell. Staging your home can create a neutral space in which your potential buyer can play out the lifestyle that they dream about having.



    While homes are a personal reflection of who we are and what we love, personal items can often detract attention from the main event in the selling process: your home. By keeping the process of decluttering and staging objective, professional stagers can ensure that your personal items are not distracting to a potential buyer.

    Throughout the buying process, agents and buyers refer to homes based upon defining features (we’ve all seen the TV shows that title a house “the shag carpet house” or “the wood panel manor”) and you would much rather your home be referred to for its incredible selling-points, than for your collection of vintage action figures.

    Further, an excess of clutter may suggest that your home lacks storage or space. Staging can help to limit these perceptions and distractions, further allowing a potential buyer to see themselves in your space.


    In a Maritz Research Staging Poll, 63% of buyers are willing to pay more for a move in ready home. Stagers can help you make minor repairs to your home that can help your home feel more move in ready to buyers. In addition, staged homes are easier to market. After staging and decluttering your home, capturing your improved space through the camera lens can help attract buyers more easily on the internet. The equation is simple, the more buyers, the more offers, the more offers the higher the selling price.


    Your home will sell more quickly for top dollar with the help of home staging and a great REALTOR® who understands San Diego’s comprehensive real estate industry and how to market and price your home.

    Ascent Real Estate is a brokerage in San Diego made up of a team of some of the industry’s most respected real estate agents with extensive experience in buying and selling houses, condos, luxury estates, and investment properties. In 2016, Ascent Real Estate was named one of San Diego’s top brokerages in sales volume. If you’d like to be contacted by one of Ascent’s San Diego REALTORS®, please visit

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